How we built a profitable webinar funnel from scratch

Case Study: Webinar Funnel To Sales Calls

The goal was to create a webinar funnel that educated potential clients, positioned me as an authority, presell so they were ready to buy and position as the only option that they would want to work with. Below are the results.


  • Build an evergreen paid ad strategy to produce qualified booked calls weekly

  • Schedule booked calls post webinar

  • Educate and position myself with leads that are ready to convert

  • Create predictable ROI which allows the business to scale + hire


Strategy > Build Webinar > Test > Optimize > Scale + Optimize


Get to the core solution and messaging your ideal audience wants and what cold audiences will be most receptive to.

The first step before even building out the ad funnel strategy is to get to the core solution and messaging their audience wants.

We have a methodology of testing content and messaging to quickly discover the messaging your existing audience is already receptive to. This quickly (and cheaply) tells us what is most likely to resonate with your ideal customers who don’t know about you yet.

Activations Required: Rapid fire testing, core solution messaging strategy, direct response creation, brand know/like/trust audience building, persona and audience testing, targeting creation


Determine the most viable hook/offer to leverage.

We assess the strategy, hooks, offers and messaging that will help to create the most leverage based off of the businesses resources and strengths.

Once we identify this we can build out the funnel strategy, this includes wire framing, messaging and creating automations in the ads funnel to reduce the workload on the business.

Activations Required: Strategy, wire framing, integrations + automations


Remain top of mind with any lead that showed interest.

Depending on the businesses offer and ideal audience, I build out traffic campaign across various platforms to drive qualified traffic into the funnel.

This part includes creating evergreen retargeting sequences to ensure the client isn’t leaving any money on the table during the buying cycle. It’s important to remain top of mind with any lead that showed interest.

Activations Required: Creative, campaign launch, campaign management


In 3 months over 100 leads watched the webinar, over 40 booked a call and 20 leads became clients.

The webinar opt ins came in at $18/lead, booked calls at $45 and new client at $180. The ROI of the campaign was 20x.

The initial goal was to onboard 5-10 clients.

Lead Applications

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Webinar Opt In Page

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