Case Study: Local Chiropractic Practice

Service: Local Lead Generation System

This office needed new leads generated on a regular basis. Before starting to work with me they were trying referral groups, networking and spending a lot of time with unclear results. Typically getting any where from 1-3 new patients per week.

I identified the opportunity of a targeted lead generation system as the best solution for her business.


Let's start with the results. I mean who doesn't love those, right?

The campaign I created for my chiropractic client was able to generate 42 new clients in 30 days with a total of 92 leads for only $330 ad spend. That means the owner still has 50 leads to move into a nurturing stage through email, retargeting and more to become clients in the future. Those 50 leads are warm since they already showed interest (still a win!).

Jenny identifies one of her goals as helping dreamers become doers. I am smack dab in the middle of doing what I could have only dreamed before I started working with Jenny. The stream of leads she produces is incredible and the quality of the leads is top-notch. She is super easy to work with and there to answer questions right when you need her. She has changed my practice in just a few short weeks. I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to be working with her.
— Nikki Burkenbine, D.C.

The Process

Step 1: Strategize

With every new campaign the most important state is the strategy. When starting with a new client I look for the sales and marketing funnel with the potential for the most return on investment. 

Step 2: Develop

Once I have the strategy I begin the development process. I create and manage all of the digital assets that are needed for the system. All owners have to do is get notified when each lead comes in and book them for their first appointment!

Step 3: Launch

Once the strategy is created and the full campaign is in place we launch! 

Then each client gets access to a board where the leads are automatically populated with the full name, email address, phone number and time the lead was generated. This board allows me to see the status of each lead in the sales cycle.  

You can see this client's set up below. New leads are placed in "New Client Leads" and then moved along the cycle.



The goal here was to get clients to call and book or book online so the team doesn't have to follow up on every lead. The only leads that need to be called are those that don't take action immediately. My goal is to get them to take that action!

Step 4: Scale

Once we have the right formula for the down we start to increase the campaigns! We then continuously monitor, optimize and come up with new strategies to test.

Bottom Line

If you need a lead generation system for your practice apply for a call today.