The best websites are ones that put people first.


You have a great looking website but have found that users aren't converting. They aren't signing up for your newsletter, they aren't returning to your website and most important - they aren't buying.

This provides a deep dive into where you're losing users, how to keep them coming back to your website and ultimately, how to get more conversions. Your website isn't about you - it's about your customers.

Everything you need in one simple package:

  • A digital specialist looking at your website
    • To help me get to know you and your business goals.
  • Website Analysis
    • I map out what has been working on your website and what needs to change for the better. Includes analysis in: audience, SEO, content, speed & much more!
  • Website Optimization Plan (aka to-do list)
    • Based on the research, your business goals and your audiences we will optimize your current website to grow your business
  • Answers to your questions
    • With the plan also provide explanation as to what the improvements are, why they are necessary and answer any questions you've had up to this point!
Is your website about you or your customers?

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