Laptop Lifestyle Series: Working In Kansas City

Laptop Lifestyle Series: Kansas City

This article originally appeared on VisitKC.

Growing up in Des Moines my love affair with Kansas City started at an early age. Being just a quick three hours south, it always made for an easy weekend getaway for shopping, adventures and a change of scenery.

As an entrepreneur, I have begun a new love affair with Kansas City. The city thrives on helping small businesses get started. The Kauffman Foundation provides business education and training. The Sprint Accelerator is available with mentors to help technology focused startups gain their footing. While growing my business in Des Moines, I have taken note of the amount of small businesses growing within the city.

Laptop Lifestyle: Kansas City

Over the past year, I have been able to grow relationships with multiple small businesses that call Kansas City home. One of the best facets of owning an online business is the availability to work remotely and the ability to create working relationships with other entrepreneurs.

While in Kansas City speaking at the Go Blog Social conference earlier this year, I met the team behind Hello Big Idea, a local creative design team. When the opportunity arose last month to get together and talk about growing, running an online business and the ways we could potentially work together, I knew instantly I would rather meet in person if possible. The VisitKC website made it a breeze to set up shop in the city and opened my eyes to the depth the city had to offer.

Here is a look at the best stops for small businesses while in Kansas City:

Where To Meet

Country Club PlazaThe Plaza is an easy place to meet for a working meeting over coffee. It’s a Kansas City staple and provides easy access to hotels, restaurants and meeting places. Starbucks and Kaldi’s make for great places to meet to discuss what’s going on in the KC startup scene.

Where To Stay

Hotel Sorella

This hotel is beautiful and provides all of the essentials for someone on the go. The hotel provides a complimentary breakfast that is both healthy and decadent, which is ideal when traveling.

What To See

Boulevard Brewing Co.

While in town I made a stop at one of the best small business stories that calls KC home - Boulevard Brewing Co. If you love hearing the story of how a business was concepted, grew in a basement and is now a household name, you will love this stop.

Kansas City has so much to offer growing businesses that I already have multiple trips planned for 2016. If you are located in the Midwest (or beyond) this city is filled to the brim with opportunities..

Photography thanks to Hello Big Idea.