How To Optimize Your Blog & Website For Your Customer's Decision Journey

Today I’m sharing insights into one of my favorite topics: the customer decision journey. Yes, this really is the stuff that gets me excited.

So what is a customer decision journey?

It’s the process that starts the moment a person becomes aware of your product or offer to the moment they purchase and everything in between. To be me, it’s that “ in between” part of the journey that matters most. It can be easy to get your brand discovered but how do you hook your audience so quickly they want more? That’s the good stuff.


Let’s review the typical steps of a consumer journey:


This is the first moment your customer takes notice of your brand. They may already have a problem to solve or they may have found you naturally by word of mouth or social media.

Pro Tip

  • To optimize your content to create more awareness you must produce content that is SEO optimized to increase the natural search awareness of your brand. The larger the beginning of the sales funnel the larger the percentage will be of customers at the end of the sales funnel.


In this stage your customer is getting to know you. What does your brand stand for? Does the customer align with your way of thinking? Do they want more of your brand? This part of the stage is when the content and brand story you are producing

Pro Tip

  • Increase your visibility with your customers. Encourage users to follow you on multiple channels including social media, email, a blog or whatever is the best fit for your brand.


When the customer has identified their problem and/or need the evaluation stage begins.  This is the stage in which you want to be the most relevant. 

Pro Tip

  • You want to showcase the outcomes you provide your customers before this stage begins. What form does this take? It can be in the form of testimonials, images of happy customers and the most powerful of all, customer stories. 
    • sk yourself if you are making it easy for customers to review your brand. How are you activating people who want to talk about your brand?
How To Optimize Your Website For Your Customer Journey


How can you add value to your customer's experience during or after purchase? Is there extra bonuses you can add to create a memorable experience? This the key time when they will decide if they will make a return purchase. 

Pro Tip

  • Adding experiences doesn't have to be expensive, or add cost, at all. Can you follow up with an email, phone call or social message to your customer?
  • Think of the intangibles that are the backbone of your brand. How do you want to be remembered?


The most powerful persuasion too is not what your brand says about itself but what others say about it. Decide how you prefer customers to advocate for your brand. Is it in the form of a Facebook review, written testimonial, video testimonial? 

Pro Tip

Ask yourself the following questions to determine ways you could capture customers advocating for your business.

  • Do you have a plan in place to make it easy for customers to recommend you?

  • How do you prefer customers to advocate for you? Is it via social shares, Facebook reviews or testimonials for your website?

But My Business Is Too Small For This!

Now you might be thinking that your product or offer is too small for all of this to happen but it’s not! This journey happens in every purchase but the timeline from consideration to purchase is different.

When someone is buying a car this process can take months but if someone is purchasing a new print for their wall at home this process could be a week. By learning your customer's journey you know what content to produce and when they need brand touches. 

Did you know most customers have brand touches (an experience with the brand) 5-10 before any purchase?