Authenticity vs Originality In Blogging and Business

Today let’s talk about the difference between originality and authenticity. Not only the difference but let’s tackle the fear that can come with thinking you aren’t an original concept.

The fear of the lack of originality

As a blogger or business owner have you ever felt as though though you were “just another (insert title)”? Thought to yourself, “There is already a successful social media marketer, there is no way I could ever make money or get clients.” These feelings can be especially present when you are just starting out or when your business is still an idea. This is the fear of not being original.

Why Authenticity Is More Important Than Originality

That big dream you have? The business you run? Yes, it may have already been done. In fact, there might be quite a few people who are already doing it. I don’t have enough hands to name the amount of photographers I know, or designers, or any creative person for that matter.

Here’s the thing though, it has not been done by YOU.

 When you have an authentic point of view and offering, there really is no competition.

You will be successful, attract clients and grow because when you are running your business authentically there will always be people that are attracted to your business because of YOU.

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How can we become more authentic?

Produce Content In Your Voice

When writing blog content check in along the way to make sure it matches your “voice”. This voice should be consistent and your audience will grow to know (and love!) it. Readers are smart enough to know when you’re not. 

A trick to writing content is not to write for the masses. Instead, write for a singular person. Think about the questions your client has and write to her in a way she would want to hear, but still aligned with your voice! 


That comparison game is real. We tend to follow others in our industry, support them and cheer for them. But, what happens when all of that turns into over saturation? When there are blurred lines and you no longer know what ideas and thoughts are yours and what are others? Go back and get in touch with your story. Knowing your story will make you so aligned that content will flow easily.

My trick to get up early and not look at social media, newsletters or any outside voices for at least an hour. This is my writing time. This is when I focus on what I want to create.  Think about the ways you can appreciate what others are saying but form your own opinions.

Define your Niche

If you’re anything like me you’re multi-passionate. Your knowledge is vast and you want to share it with as many people as you can! If you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one. Your message will be so watered down that no audience will feel your authenticity. Narrow your niche down. For example, if you are a wedding planner here is a scenario of narrowing your focus:

Old Niche: 20- something women

New Niche: 20-something women with a boho esthetic who like doing some DIY themselves but with a wedding planner consulting the overall vision.

Look at the difference between the two. With the addition of the descriptive words it is so much easier it is to think of the copy and imagery you can create and promote to this niche. The second, more targeted niche is much more focused and is much easier to speak authentically. Chances are, there are a lot less wedding planners who target that audience too.

Remember, the world needs what you have. You are made up of stories and experiences that no one else has.

This makes you unique and authentic - even if your passion has been "done before".