Hey There.

I'm Jenny Singh and I help local businesses grow their revenue, customers and local awareness.

I specialize in increasing new customers for health and wellness businesses. This can be singular locations or franchises with multiple locations. 

Why health & wellness?

Well, it all started when I was 12 and saw the movie "What Women Want". Helen Hunt's job in the movie was at an ad agency on the Nike account and I decided that was my dream job. I wanted to make commercials for Nike & Gatorade. What 12 year olds dream job is that?

After graduating college, I worked at different prestigious ad agencies and a Fortune 500 publishing company that people would love to work for when I realized - I love small business, entrepreneurship and I wanted to do what I do best for others and work for myself.

I've also practiced just about every form of fitness, research health and nutrition trends like it's my job (oh wait..it is!), and believe in other entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.

I believe that both small business and health & wellness create better communities for us all - which is why I do what I do.


My Mission

To help 1 million people achieve a healthier lifestyle through health & wellness.